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FNF TAILS.EXE A new cool duel begins in the FNF universe. And at this time the opponent is quite treacherous with Friday Night Funkin': V.S.Tails.EXE. This is the best friend of the treacherous Sonic in fnf tails exe mod.tails sonic exe You may have already guessed that it's Tails, a sly fox with two tails. But now he looks really weird - a crazy virus has turned him into his EXE version.Create your own tune with a sort of song from the voices of different characters in the game fnf tails exe mod test. So the confrontation will be fierce! Help Boyfriend to win this time too. To do that, you need to make sure that all his movements completely match the music rhythm.fnf tails.exe mod Is your sense of rhythm good enough for this task?